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Weld Elbows

elbow table


Weld Elbows for Handrail & Balustrades are ideally suited for tubular constructions where aesthetics are of prime importance.

The use of weld elbows enables tight bends & curves to be obtained even on larger diameter tubes and resolves the problem of either sharp mitred edges or distortion, Which occurs on tubes when radiused. They provide a neat safe joint which is permanent and strong.

The engineer will benefit from the highest quality of manufacture giving dimentional accuracy.

If required Weld Elbows can be trimmed back to obtain any type of angle. After fabrication all kinds of finish can be applied to the material.

Weld Elbows are available to suit a large range of tube sizes.

Typical uses are for handrailing, street furniture, protection barriers and all types of tubular constructions.

The smooth streamlined finish allows installation in any enviornment wether the completed structure is painted, galvanised, polyester and powder coated or indeed chrome plated.