A02 - Short T

A02 - Short T
A02 - Short T image 2
Provides 90º 'T' connection between two tubes. Used for the joint between end post and lower rail(s) when handrail is straight and level. Also for a top `T` joint on a guardrail. Cannot join tube in top of 'T', use the A4 when this is required.

This product is available in non matching tube sizes.

Please see secondary image for specs.
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£2.16 ex VAT
Size 5 / 26.9mm
£2.16 ex VAT
Size 6 / 33.7mm
£2.53 ex VAT
Size 7 / 42.4mm
£3.49 ex VAT
Size 8 / 48.3mm
£4.03 ex VAT
Size 9 / 60.3mm
£7.49 ex VAT

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